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Hypertension journal


    According to an ESH Newsletter hypertension journal inthe prevalence of resistant hypertension is 2.

    Analysing only the therapy hypertension journal hypertensive patients of the Hypertension Outpatient Clinic of the University of Szeged, the authors wanted to answer following main questions: How many patients were therapeutically resistant according to the definition of resistant hypertension?

    How many patients were taking 3 or more antihypertensive drugs?

    hypertension journal

    How many of these patients reached target SBP values? How many drugs were usually used in combination therapy? Material and methods.

    hypertension journal

    For those patients who visited the Clinic more than once during this period, only the first visit was considered. Means of two measurements were calculated.

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    The goal SBP was mmHg. A fourfold hypertension journal of antihypertensive agents was the most frequent in this population.

    hypertension journal

    It is advised to use multiple drug combinations and it is recommended to hypertension journal enough time but not longer than necessary to find the most effective combination in every case. Abstract Introduction.

    hypertension journal

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